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Our Mission:

Live Better Health Services is a Home Health Care Agency with a mission to provide a holistic, wellness-based approach to providing support for seniors in their homes. Care that will  support them as they age with a sense of purpose, decision making, choices, self care,  physical, spiritual, emotional and social wellness balance.


Our Philosophy:

We are a new company specializing in a new direction in home care for seniors. Live Better Health Services has at its core the principles and wisdom found in the book by Atul Gwande, “Being Mortal.” For us, home care is not just about getting personal tasks done for a client. In fact we don’t call it “Home Care,” we call it “Better Care!” With the support of Live Better Health Services, we actually want our clients to LIVE BETTER, with a sense of well-being and purpose to their day and the all the days ahead.


Our employees are part of a company that will actually provide you with the opportunity to make a long-lasting connection with your caregiver. You will have the continuum of care with your caregiver and not be switched around with a new, unfamiliar caregiver from week to week. This is essential for our model so that you can develop a caring relationship and have a schedule you both can depend on. At Live Better Health Services, we want you to wake up and not say “I wonder who I’ll get today?”, but rather, “Yay, It’s Tuesday — Kara is coming today!” 


All of your caregivers are certified. They are built from kindness from the inside out. They are dedicated to provide hands-on personal care to you in your home, because we all just feel better and LIVE BETTER at home.

Our Core Values:



We embrace total holistic wellness, that is founded on supporting each of our lives through nutrition, social connections, personal self care involvement, spiritual and emotional pathways that continue to build a full and rich life at home and in the community.


We are defined by our bar of excellence. There are no exceptions to this. Every day we value providing services which are needed to maintain a client’s health and/or to facilitate treatment of the client’s short term illness or injury.


Kindness matters. Never more so than in our world today. At Live Better Health Services, we have a “Culture of Yes.” This goes for clients and employees. If we can find a way to say Yes…and we almost always can….we say “YES!” Kindness is easy to say YES to, for us!


Your neighbors matter. We want you to stay connected to them and for them. Part of our services is to help link your neighbors back into your life. We all need each other.

“We are all just walking each other home.”

Upcoming Events & News


Thursday, October 19 ~ 9am-1pm

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